May 08, 2015

150509 I'm back !

Hai bloggers !

Long time no write in this blog .
Almost 7 months because 2015 so busy years !
Many thing happen in 2015

I just want all of you know that one day I will wear Hijab !!
Maybe this year I don't know when.
Give me lot of love okay !

BTW this 20th of May I'm going to Seoul !!
Wow finally my dream come true !
I want to meet EXO at Dream Concert at there !
I hope everything gonna be smooth at there .

October 19, 2014

141018 Happy Birthday my lovely family !

BBQ Chicken Pizza !
Ummi 51 y/0, Hajar 30 y/o, Ammar 29 y/o !

Hai ! Today I celebrated my Mom, Sister-in-law and Brother birtdays ~
We celebrate at Jementah, Johor my brother's house !
btw My mom birthday was 02nd October and sister-in-law was 10th October .
My brother's birthday was that day 18 October !
So we celebrate together for saving cost party .
I bought 2 regular pizza hut and Tiramisu cake Secret Recipe and Nasi Ayam.
No present ~
We had fun and happy day !
Even though that day had heavy rains .
Cheese Deluxe Pizza
Kinds of Food !       
I love you Ummi, kak Hajar and Along !

141007 One day hang out with my chingu !

With my belove Kris and Sehun ! At Nature Republic .
Dubu - Dubu ~
At Berjaya Times Square !
Lunch time ~ Sol Bibimbap Chicken !
So yummy okay ! :3
Red paste, really delicious !
Kinds of Korean food !
Annabelle at Cinema KLCC !
After we hang out ~ TIRED !
Before we hang out ~ EXCITED !
BEST friend forever like Kris and Luhan !